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Why don't we feel good? Understand how our bodies work!

Let’s dive deeper into understanding the journey one can take from Health’ to ‘Ill Health’ and what goes on inside the body. I find that when I understand something, I find it easier to find the solution and begin to help myself or others. With so much conflicting information posted online these days, solutions aren’t always easy to find, leaving you feeling deflated, that’s why I want to share this with you.

It all starts with our diet and our environment, together making up our lifestyle. Depending on what we absorb and consume on a daily basis will be dependent on the time and quality of our stool. When the timing of our stool slows down and we are not going to the toilet as frequently due to our lifestyle, the faecal matter of our stool starts to rot, leaving it dehydrated and its quality alters. Our stool can then lay in our colon, where it feeds on the bad bacteria and fungus inside of us, which can cause them to increase in number. Because they are alive, they create their own toxic waste in the colon which is HIGHLY toxic to us.

Calcium (an important mineral our bodies need) is consumed and released in now this negative environment, and our calcium becomes less bio-available for absorption into our blood. Calcium is important in balancing our bloods pH and preventing osteoporosis. This harmful bacteria can then enter the blood, which can also cause depression - the first thing to keep in mind here is that a toxic congested colon can contribute to disease. Therefore, our colon plays an important role in maintaining good health and why want we consume is so very important!

The more acidic our diet becomes, the more calcium will leach from our bones to compensate. If we have regularly taken antibiotics, medication, drink tap water, pesticides from food & additives, these chemicals kill our good bacteria, even in our small intestine. The good bacteria which resides in us, helps to take in the nutrients from our diet and make sure our bad bacteria doesn’t take over and multiply. The small intestinal bacterium is called acidophilus because their waste is acidic. This acid helps iron to be bio-available so that the villi can pass iron into the blood. If there are excess chemicals inside of us, these will kill the acidophilus. Our iron molecules will not be able in get into the blood and the iron will make the stool harden further in the colon. The villi will suck up these chemicals and send them to the liver, where they end up killing more good bacteria.

Our liver detoxifies our blood, but without our good beneficial bacteria, what will detoxify the liver? The liver will begin to store the molecules of these chemicals, which resist water, so the liver loses its moisture. Another job of the liver is to create bile (which helps with our digestion!) which is then stored in the gallbladder. As the stomach releases food into the small intestine, the gallbladder secretes bile.

Bile acts like soap to wash the grease from our food particles. Now the bacteria and enzymes can break apart the nutrients from our food so the villi can suck it up for all its goodness. BUT a dry and exhausted liver will produce less bile and with less bile soap, some of the nutrients remain coated in fat. This inhibits nutrient absorption and fat assimilation. When this is not absorbed, this passes into the colon where water is removed. The fat then hardens which bonds to the minerals. Calcium will then not absorb through the colon wall. Meanwhile, back in the small intestine, bacterial acids have been preventing yeasts from multiplying. When the good bacteria is destroyed, yeast increases. Yeast can now attach to the small intestine lining causing, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) and its rots through the lining of our gut wall, causing it to leak (Leaky Gut). The body’s natural line of protection has been breached. Our undigested food particles start leaking into our blood and can trigger an auto-immune response. Certain types of undigested food particles, like wheat, soya, peanuts, etc. can trigger histamines and an allergic reaction. The yeast also escapes into the blood, scavenging critical iron (which can lead to a B12 deficiency) and consuming sugar to grow and reproduce. The yeast, known as candida, is a poison. The blood is pumping through the liver which is attempting to filter the candida out.

This is a bit of a crisis so the liver creates its own anti-fungal secretion called Hesperin. However, this inhibits communication between the liver and the thyroid (T4 to T3), which can lead to thyroid dysfunction. Basic metabolism is unable to properly regulate. Stomach acid will decline which reduces vitamin B12 production and our energy starts to crash. Sugar cravings start to increase to meet the energy needs, which the body converts too fat.

With toxicity in the liver and blood, plus a growing sack of stool at the bottom end, this person is about to become even more sick, toxic, depressed, tired, etc. With the internal terrain acidic, toxic, polluted and backed up, harmful organisms and parasites will thrive, which will further exacerbate the problem (and symptoms).

Still with me? We're nearly there...

This is why people will change their diet but fail to see any results. The problems have run too deep at this point! The body must be helped to cleanse and detoxify in order to regain control. Whether that may be - Heal the gut, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, parasite cleanse, rebalance the microbiome, increase nutrition and improve absorption. Another important consideration is that all food sensitivities must be removed from the diet in order for the gut to heal. All the while we are consuming these foods, there will be an internal inflammatory response and the toxic cycle will continue.

Once you understand how your body works, you will know how to heal it. So many people have tried various approaches and protocols, only to end up back at square one. That’s why I created my 3 or 6 month programmes, instead of trying to figure out everything on your own to find the solution. We can work together and help you find your answers so that you can finally heal your body for once and for all. Leaving you with more knowledge about your own body increasing your education on the importance of living a healthy life.

If you have any questions feel free to message me directly or book a free discovery call so I can answer any questions you may have !

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