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My Skin Journey

I suffered with acne growing up, it was at its worse when I was 16 years old, after going to the GP multiply of times and been giving different antibiotics that didn’t work for me, I was then put on Roaccutane (my poor gut!). What I now know, I would have definitely gone down the holistic route. I was on Roaccutane for about 4 months and I decided I couldn’t hack the side effects anymore and stopped taking it. I had dry skin all over, horrible chapped lips, dandruff, mood swing central and I was very very angry! However, it did clear my skin after 4 months of treatment and I never saw that harmful pill again. I stopped Roaccutane back in 2014. Fast forward now to 2018, a year after I came off the hormonal pill which I was on for 2 years (that’s another story for your guys jeez!) my skin started to break out again. I knew it was post pill acne but I couldn’t seem to get it under control no matter how hard I tried and doing all the right things I could think of. So, I shamelessly tried another course of antibiotics start of 2019 to ease my acne because I simply didn’t know what else to do. Again, it helped to clear up my skin, but as soon as I stopped taking the antibiotics it came right back around again. Last summer (2020) my skin suddenly broke out even more. Prior to my breakout I said to myself I am going to start making an effort with my skincare regimen and decided to go with Tropic Skincare because they use all natural ingredients. Now, this is not to shame them, but their products simply did more harm than good for my skin. Now that might not be the case for you! My skin had broke out even more to the point I was getting upset about it. After suffering with my health scare end of 2019 to 2020 on top of my skin issues (which all actually links together) enough was enough. I did a Functional Hormonal Laboratory test to see if my hormones were out of balance. My results clearly shown - Estrogen Dominance and my testosterone was too high and my progesterone was too low. These results explained all my symptoms - which was mainly acne around the jaw lines and swollen breasts. I also decided to go and see an aesthetician, because I had never particular looked after my skin growing up. I never stuck to a skin care regimen and I used to abuse the sun beds to help ease the redness of my spots. After seeing my aesthetician, I found that I had sun damage and my pores were all blocked up, it essentially needed alot of TLC. I started having monthly chemical peels and stuck to one skincare brand, ZO Skin. I also started supplementing with the right supplements to balance my hormones (a plan that was personalised to me based on my symptoms and lab results) and slowly but surely I have been getting the results I always wanted NATURALLY. This was done by finding the Root Cause and not painting a picture over my symptoms and finally listening to my body. Now, everyones journey to achieving healthy skin and balanced hormones may be different. But hopefully my story can spread some light. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have and I would love to hear your story! Madison X

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