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What is Go With Your Gut?

Then this 3 month tailored program is targeted to heal from the inside out. The microbiome is the control centre of our health - the connection between our digestive system and mood/emotions is considered our second brain. So it's important the control centre is working in tip top shape for our health to thrive.

What we will dive deep into:

  • Understanding of the ‘Gut-Brain Connection’ and how your gut health and emotional health are connected and both need to be addressed to release what is no longer serving you

  • How and why your gut has become imbalanced in the first place to identify key issues.

  • Root cause solutions for: bloating, gas, constipation or loose stools and how integrating nutrition, supplements and lifestyle pillars can help you can overcome them.

  • Learning how to soothe the nervous system to overcome anxiety, stress, sleep issues & low mood.

  • Becoming aware of the ‘Fight, Fight & Freeze’ mode vs ‘Rest & Digest’ mode and how this effects your gut & brain axis

This programme if for you if:

  • You’ve been suffering with digestive discomfort for some time now with minimal relief.

  • You struggle to have regular bathroom movements or have movements too often.

  • Constipation/gas/loose stools are a normal reoccurrence for you.

  • You have an IBD condition; Crohn’s or Colitis

  • You have previously been told that you have IBS or SIBO.

  • You suffer with acid reflux or indigestion

  • Your mood feels imbalanced - you’re either super low or super high

  • Your anxiety & stress have increased dramatically.

  • You feel something in your body feels imbalanced and not quite right.

Programme Overview 

Package Includes:

  • A 3 month tailored and personalised programme with ongoing updates

  • 90 minute initial virtual consultation

  • 3 x 60 minute checkup consultations

  • 3 x phone call check ins

  • Weekly private email support

  • Targeted bespoke nutrition, supplement, lifestyle and plan

  • 10% discount on supplements & private testing

  • Functional Medicine testing and analysis

The investment in yourself


You will be required to complete a detailed health questionnaire prior to your consultation. You can also send previous test results undertaken by your GP or previous health practitioners. The next 3 months are going to be dedicated to you - so you can become the most empowered, healthy, wise, powerful sovereign you are you - LETS GO!

Are you READY?

Madison Brookes is a qualified Integrative Health Practitioner who specialises in using an Integrative/Functional approach for health an wellbeing. Madison is Professionally insured.


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Couldn’t be happier with the service Manifest with Madison provides. I sought after her due to my increasing tiredness. Madison was helpful and non-judgemental in our consolation and ensured I felt comfortable thought-out. She offers a range of options for all financial and personal situations. I can’t wait for our next session! 

—  Stevie

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