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3 Month Tailored Programme

 The 1:1 balance and bloom programme is for YOU if you are ready to take the next step to heal and balance your hormones and/or gut health. My approach in restoring the body back to it's natural state of being is through addressing your symptoms so we can find the root cause on what is shaking your body out of balance.




Adrenal & Cortisol



Thyroid & Hormonal


Autoimmune Disease


Gut Issues




Metabolic Health & Weight Management 


Unexplained Health


In order to bloom we will work on:

  • root cause solutions for your health issues so we can identify how your health first become compromised 

  • balancing your blood sugar levels - tailored nutrition and recipes for you

  • learn how to regulate your nervous system to overcome anxiety, stress, sleep issues, troubled moods & disordered eating

  • rebuilding your gut health to say goodbye to your unwanted digestive upset

  • optimising detoxification to upgrade your cellular biology

  • connecting back to thyself - mind, body & soul

Package includes:

Package includes:

  • A 3 month tailored and personalised programme with ongoing support and accountability

  • 90 minute initial virtual consultation

  • 3 x 60 minute on-going consultations

  • Bi-weekly phone call check-ins

  • 24 hour email support Monday to Friday

  • Tailored bespoke nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and lifestyle plans for your unique goals 

  • Recipes, wellness guides, manifestation tools & more

  • 10% discount on all supplements & private testing

  • Functional Medicine testing and analysis recommendations.

This programme is for you if:

  • PMS symptoms such as irregular, heavy or painful periods and uncontrollable moods.

  • Stubborn acne and that exists beyond your teenage years or post-pill acne that you can't control.

  • PCOS, stubborn weight gain or thyroid issues.

  • You know something feels off with your body but can't put your finger on it.

  • Have strong cravings for sugar and processed food.

  • Digestive upset - abdominal pain, bloating, IBS, constipation, loose stools, and struggle to consume your favourite foods without upset.

  • Suffering with acid reflux or indigestion when eating.

  • Feel lost on your wellness journey and don't know where and what to do.

  • Want to learn how to live in tune with your cycle and be able to thrive with plentiful energy levels each month.


I am a qualified and experienced Integrative Health Practitioner who specialises in using an Integrative/Functional approach for health an wellbeing.

Invest in yourself


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Couldn’t be happier with the service Manifest with Madison provides. I sought after her due to my increasing tiredness. Madison was helpful and non-judgemental in our consolation and ensured I felt comfortable thought-out. She offers a range of options for all financial and personal situations. I can’t wait for our next session! 

—  Stevie

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