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How did I heal from Chronic Fatigue/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Adrenal Fatigue?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

However you want to call it - it simply comes down to the same thing > fatigue like you have never known it before. Those who are suffered with or still are, will understanding when I say it isn’t the normal fatigue you feel on a bad day, but simply horrendous deliberating amounts of mental and physical fatigue that can come with horrible brain fog, physical body pain, anxiety and depression and much more. Firstly, everyones journey to falling ill and getting well is never the same. We are all unique and our journey and experiences are very much different, so it’s important to not compare my journey to yours. I truly believe my journey to falling ill was as much emotional/mental as it was physical. I was completing my Masters degree leaving with on-going high levels of stress everyday, training strenuously hard via weightlifting five times a week, restrictive under-eating for my output of energy, had lingering trauma that had not been dealt with or even recognised at the time, I had lived with anxiety and had frequent panic attacks from early childhood which had become my ‘normal’ (I was soon to recognise this wasn’t actually ‘normal’) and a very weakened immune system from several viral infections over time. All these things had caught up with me and left my body with nothing else to give. I firstly started my journey with a Functional and Naturopathic Doctor, I completed a couple of Functional Lab tests and started supplementing dependent on the results I got back. It was obvious to see my adrenals was out of whack. I had also eliminated diary, gluten, soy, and corn from my diet during this time. I started Psychotherapy with a therapist who practices with a mind, body and soul approach to address my underlining trauma that hadn’t been dealt with for years. Over time slowly but surely I started to feel better but still not back to my normal self. A little while later, I also stumbled across the Medical Medium on Instagram and started to give the whole celery juice hype a go. Whatever your thoughts are on the Medical Medium i’ll leave that up for you to decide, but for me celery juice did the damn thing it says it does. Every morning for several months I would consume celery juice on an empty stomach. I also started taking my journalling very seriously, every AM and PM I would journal what I wanted to manifest (as you can guess that was to have optimal health once again!). But I’ll tell you what, when you ask the universe for what you truly want while following the necessary steps you need to get there, you shall receive! I will be providing more depth information in the little everyday things I also incorporated into my daily lifestyle soon, but I hope this gives a nice broad overview of what I did. The days feel long but the months go fast. Now, I can’t pin-point exactly what it was on my healing journey that got me better, but I believe it was a combination of all that got me where I am today, free of disease and full of wellness <3. If you truly believe in yourself and do not give in to what a doctor in a white coat diagnoses you with, but you are given the knowledge and tools, as well as being open to transforming your health forever, you are more than capable of achieving optimal health and wellness. The days feel long but the months go fast. When healing from a chronic disease it is important to work with some who is qualified to do so and can help you get back on your two feet and assist you to the best of their ability. It is beneficial to have someone who can help you and keep yourself accountable on your journey instead of trying to do everything yourself.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or book a discovery call, I am more than happy and well to answer your questions and help you on your way! *I disclaim that all information provided is for health education purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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